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Over the years we've had many long-term residents reluctantly leave us for assisted living homes. We're always sad to see our residents go, so we had a thought: what if we could give our residents their independence for a little longer?


And that is how R+B@Home was born! These services are designed to bridge the gap between independent and assisted living. 

EVERYONE has been professional and pleasant, always very helpful. [Prospect Pointe] has many retired renters[...]. Champaign County does not have a retirement community, only assisted living communities. I don’t need that level of support and Prospect Pointe is a safe and appealing place for me at this stage of my life. [Read her full review here]

Pamela, Prospect Pointe


You can either order your groceries online or have us do the shopping for you. We'll pick them up and bring them right to your door. We'll even put them away for you!


per 30 min.

Never miss a prescription again! Have us run to the pharmacy for you. Need regular pick-ups? We're happy to schedule all of your prescription pick-ups ahead of time for peace of mind.


per 30 min.

Let R+B@Home save you some time and take care of your regular cleaning. We are happy to come out weekly, monthly, or just to help out when things get a little hectic. 

Most cleans take about 2 hours, but this service is flexible! We charge $35 per hour and will clean for as little as one hour. A $5 discount applies to the second hour.

for 2 hours



Use us for all the odds and ends that need doing in your apartment. We've installed bidets, patched holes in walls, and changed out light fixtures. Just call and we'll get to work!


per hour

Everyone hates being buried in laundry, so let us do it for you! We will pick up and deliver your laundry, clean and folded, right to your door. The price is $22/bag, and laundry bags are approximately the size of a 13 gal kitchen trash bag -- big enough to hold most bedding.


per bag
atHome with CLARK-LINDEY

For services that we are not equipped to provide we recommend using atHOME with Clark-Lindsay.


Their services include in-home nursing, meal-delivery, salon services, and more. Plus you can pay through your resident portal, just like your rent!

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