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They're back! Pre-order services for the holiday season for great discounts. Scroll down to view our Holiday Bundles and deals!

The Scrooge

Just need a little extra help? The Scrooge includes 2 hours of concierge service. This service will provide enough time for light cleaning, decorating, or errand running.

$110 for 2 Hours

Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf includes 4 hours of concierge service. Typically an apartment can be cleaned in 1-2 hours, so this package allows for light cleaning as well as some decorating or errand running. 

$200 for 4 Hours

Santa's Helper

We're here to help with all the little things that need doing around the holidays. Get in touch for whatever you need and we'll quote you a price. Some common needs:

  • Small item or toy assembly

  • Gift order pick-up and returns

  • Holiday errands

  • Package shipping

Call for Pricing

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