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Royse + Brinkmeyer wants your apartment to feel like your home. All of the services listed below are designed to help customize your apartment and give you peace of mind.

If you would like something that is not listed here, just get in touch. We’re here to help and we will work hard to find a way to get you what you want.


Make sure your TV is secure! Our team will come out and install a TV on an appropriate wall. This will ensure your TV stays put while protecting your deposit. We will also provide a flat wall mount for up to 70” TVs.

*Additional fees may apply.



Hanging shelves is the worst! You drill all your holes, get your anchors in and boom, the shelf is crooked. Now you have to start over and put more holes in the wall!


Save the time, and protect your deposit by having us install them for you! We've even included the cost of patching the holes when it's time to move out.



Give your apartment some extra character! Our painters will paint an accent wall for you! This service includes returning the wall to its original color when you move out.


We have a great pallet of colors to choose from. Alternative colors will be considered but must be provided by the resident and are subject to an additional fee.



Scared to hang that large piece of artwork? Don't own the tools to hang things properly? This service is for you! Our staff will come and professionally hang your artwork/mirror/whatever you need. 

Price includes patching holes upon move out, so there's no need to worry about your security deposit.


per hour

Royse + Brinkmeyer only changes your filter twice a year. If you have allergies you may prefer a stronger filter. Breathe easy - this service includes a year's worth of filters and filter changes.



Use us for all the odds and ends that need doing in your apartment. We've installed bidets, patched holes in walls, and changed out light fixtures. Just call and we'll get to work!


per hour

We've all been there. No one likes assembling a new dresser or bookshelf, so let us take care of it! Our staff will assemble any common ready-to-assemble furniture: bed frames; couches; bookshelves; etc.


$75 covers the first two hours of assembly. Additional hours will be charge at $40/hour.



Rent Royse + Brinkmeyer's pickup truck for hauling large items! This service includes an R+B@Home staff member to drive the truck and provide any extra help you may need.

Need an extra hand? An additional staff member can be made available for an additional $35/hour.


per hour

Need something we haven't listed? We can still help! Any service not noted above falls under this category. If it requires tools it will be charged at the handy man rate shown above. 


per 30 min.
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