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Vegetable Shopping

When there just isn't enough time in the day let R+B@Home staff take care of some of your errands.


Need a ride to your doctor's appointment; Or your new Christmas tree assembled? Whatever it is we're here to help!  Let us know what you need and we'll get you a quote. 


per 30 min.

Order your groceries online and we will pick them up for you! Not so tech-savvy? No problem! Just give us your list and we will take care of the shopping. We'll even put them away if you're not home!


per 30 min.

Is the pharmacy about to give up on contacting you about your prescription? We've all been there. When you just can't seem to make the time to stop by the pharmacy we've got you!


per 30 min.

Going out of town? This service is for you! We will water your plants, collect your mail, and check on your pets as often as you need while you are away. 


per visit

Have a super long day coming up? Or maybe you've struggled to get home on lunch to let the dog out. We're here to help! R+B@Home staff will come to your apartment and take your dog out on a walk when you can't get to it.


per hour

Having your package delivered to the leasing office, but you don't want to have to come get it? No problem! We will receive your package and then deliver it inside your residence. All the security with none of the hassle.



Everyone hates being buried in laundry, so let us do it for you! We will pick up and deliver your laundry, clean and folded, right to your door. The pricing is $22/bag – laundry bags are approximately the size of a 13 gal kitchen trash bag, big enough to hold most bedding.


per bag

Use us for all the odds and ends that need doing in your apartment. We've installed bidets, patched holes in walls, and changed out light fixtures. Just call and we'll get to work!


per hour
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